Farhan – As A Fitness Freak

Farhan Khan - Model and Actor

Athletic track and the workout sessions in a gym

Nothing turned Farhan on as did the athletic track and the workout sessions in a gym. Since his early days, he was conscious of his appearance which motivated him a lot towards fitness regime. To him, sports was a religion and the physical fitness training was the essential ritual needed to make it a part and parcel of his life.  Farhan was intelligent enough to realize that his god gifted looks and a coveted height of clear six feet could be toned further. He was always keen on developing his fast twitch muscle to build up an amazing speed on the track and an envious physique.

Workouts on a regular basis

He made it a point to carry out gym workouts on a regular basis to enhance his appearance and endurance. Squats and bench press were performed with religious regularity supplemented by a healthy diet regime. The body turned trimmer with more power and flexibility built in which was directly manifested in his success in sports and modeling arena. The astounding feat of holding Mumbai University record for four times and excellent state level athletic performance owes its credit to the young man’s tireless endeavor on the fitness front.

Farhan’s muscles turned more prominent with a firm neckline

Farhan’s muscles turned more prominent with a firm neckline that all the super models desire to achieve. The facial bone structure wore a sculpted look and overall combination was lethal enough to grab the attention of glam world that earned him a lot of fan following. The boyish smile symbolizing purity was an added bonus.

His body is an asset, which demands a lot of care

He knows that his body is an asset, which demands a lot of care and attention that will earn his bread and butter throughout the life and therefore, he is serious enough to preserve this agility and fitness. Farhan’s current successful modeling career owing to his good looks and a chiseled figure did not come out of the blue one fine morning.  A lot of sweat and trying times in the gym have gone into it. The devotion and perseverance with which he worked hard to achieve a staggering physic have ultimately paid off.


Farhan’s success in modeling and acting is based on the strong foundation of a regular fitness regime. Being a fitness freak, he religiously chased his dream in gym fetching huge accolades in athletics and modeling. Lady luck would not have showered her blessings if he didn’t take up this fitness building schedule seriously.